Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Travel & Expense Management Automation that becomes A BUSINESS ASSET.

Progress comes at us quickly, and when it comes to business, technology is at the crux of that progress. Great technology simplifies complex and manual business process while it makes people's lives easier and their efforts more efficient. For many businesses, however, Travel and Expense Management (TEM) is still too hard and expensive because it is still rooted in old, slow, and even paper-based processes. That’s where an intelligent and integrated Travel Expense Management system comes in.

Bringing corporate travel expenses and reimbursements to one platform quicker and like never before…

A wise man once said that, “Success doesn’t just happen—we plan for it”. Just imagine an automated system that has all employee travel and expense data consolidated at a single platform for easy record keeping, analysis and tracking. Indeed, managing employee spend is one of the major pain areas for CFOs across the globe. The good news is that this challenge can be resolved for companies of any size with an automated and integrated TEM system.

Simple, efficient, and transparent end to end TEM automation.

The best TEM automation offers features that include:

  • Pre Travel Approval
  • One-Click Expense Entry and Approval
  • Chart of Accounts Cost Allocation
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Policy Compliance
  • Corporate Cards / Ghost Cards / Purchase Cards
  • Integrated Online Travel Booking System

The most efficient TEM automation provides insight and analysis to support the strategies and decisions that cut down overall operational cost, while giving CFOs, General Managers, and department leaders perfect visibility into compliance with travel policy, where travel dollars are being spent, and by whom.

Resolving travel and expense management automation with excellence…

Making Travel & Expense Management processes faster, easier, and less error prone is what automation will do for organizations as well as for the employees. The right solution automates the entire TEM approval and workflow, starting with Pre Travel Approval, to one-click allocation to cost centers, to automated reconciliation of expenses to credit card statements, to faster and hassle free reimbursement to employees and payments to vendors.

Bottom Line:

ExpenseAnywhere’s solution for Travel and Expense Management Automation is a system that delivers real and measurable ROI by making people more productive and by resolving the major pain areas for many CFOs and business managers which includes seeing, managing, and controlling what can be some of the largest single expenses to a business, and that’s where employees and contractors are spending money on travel.

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