Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Are you still on the ground looking up at the cloud?

What does the future hold for companies regarding travel and expense that are not yet in the cloud? Here at ExpenseAnywhere, we keep our finger on the pulse. Why? Simply put “We owe it to our current clients and future clients”. It is difficult to look ahead, yet if we study past trends, many times we can get a sense of the road coming toward us. Far be it for me to consider myself a fortune teller, but being in this space for many years, I tend to possess a sense of clarity and the ability to see through the fog of press releases from companies promising the world. 

I tend to see past the shadows of the so called “Next Best Thing” software. The T&E / AP Spaces are full or start ups and well, fall downs. From the East Coast to Silicon Valley, you can find remains of the fallen. 

We consider ourselves innovators with true staying power in the cloud space. We strive to deliver perfection and improve on it any chance we get. Yet there are some companies still behind the curve, not utilizing automation , and still doing things manually. I think of them often, I really do. I ponder the potential profit leaks unable to be salvaged by the lack of automation. 

The question becomes clear. Why not jump on the cloud? According to a recent Aberdeen report, moving to the cloud has become a front line initiative for many companies going into 2015 as you can see below.

There are some compelling reasons to jump on the cloud. Many driving forces are giving companies an appetite for change. If you view the below, you may find your company falls in line with one or many of these examples.

When it comes to T&E automation, many times there are more factors than just saving money and finding and repairing those potential profit leaks. The information below speaks to a polling that was conducted to find the true frustrations within companies. 

In the end, every company has two things top of mind. How to attract and retain top talent, and how to do more with less. Companies many times fail to realize the importance of automation where these initiatives are concerned. It is no secret that happy employees tend to stay longer. Talent is attracted to companies with vision. If you are still on the ground, take a look up in the clouds, we are there waiting for you. Talk soon.