Monday, June 4, 2012

A toast to Queen Elizabeth as Britain celebrates her 6th decade in public service, having worked with 12 British prime ministers and even a dozen US presidents making it one of the longest reigning monarchies - A Queen that never retires.

Some interesting facts*:

60 years, four months -- The length of Queen Elizabeth II's reign as of June 6, 2012, making her the second-longest reigning monarch.

2,868 -- The number of diamonds in the Imperial State Crown that the queen wears at the state opening of Parliament.

£32.1 million -- Amount the British government provides Elizabeth and Prince Philip annually (about $50 million U.S.)

$500 million -- The queen's approximate net worth.

116 -- The number of different countries she has visited during her 60 years as queen.

5 -- The number of times the queen has made a state visit to the United States; the first was in 1957 and the most recent in 2010.

1 -- Number of U.S. presidents born during Elizabeth's reign (Barack Obama in 1961).


CBS video - Queen Elizabeth II through the ages

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