Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Using Mobile Apps to Keep Cash in Your Wallet

Travelers are always looking for ways to cut back on their expenses, and one way to do that is use technology as an advantage.  A recent article on the Daily Finance web site states that business travel is still a constant, even with the rising cost of travel expenses.  The article offers a look into five mobile apps that can be used to help manage and facilitate the ease of traveling without emptying one’s pockets completely. 

First on the list is Foursquare.com, a check-in app that also offers instant rebates to consumers who use an American Express card.  It can also help people find the popular spots to go in any given location, as these are posted by friends and viewable to the user.  HelloWallet.com charges $9/month and allows users to track their transactions and budget their expenses.  Another app named TurboScan can be used as a step of the expense management system as it allows users to scan documents and save as a PDF.

Cardmunch.com is a service of LinkedIn and offers the ability to scan business cards with a phone and update the information into any contact management system.  Kayak.com is a search engine that is useful for finding cheap travel information and also contains an iPhone app with a currency exchange calculator, airport information, contact numbers for major airlines and tour information.

While all of these apps may be helpful individually along the way, it is important to keep in mind the ease that comes with having an expense management system that all employees can access and use to manage their end-to-end travel spend and reimbursements, especially one that also offers Mobile App options in order to easily manage the travel spend and expense reporting process.

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