Friday, April 13, 2012

Staying Happy & Energized on the Road

Even with the improving economy somewhat easing the financial pain of business travel, people still have to work hard to balance travel with their personal lives and needs.  As mentioned in an article on JS Online, one important way to stay connected while away is to book a hotel that has free high-speed internet.  It makes any online business needs easily accomplished, while also allowing for a great way to keep in contact with the family while away.  In order to stay energized and feeling your best, the article suggests to not skip any meals, particularly breakfast.  It is generally easy to find hotels that offer a delicious breakfast spread that will help keep you ready for the day, such as Country Inns & Suites.
Making sure to bring workout clothes with you so as to fit in some exercise while traveling is another great suggestion.  This is great for people who hate to miss a workout or for anyone who wants to feel more energized and less stressed.  Enjoying yourself may seem like an obvious thing to do while traveling, but many times it is not the first thing on your mind when traveling for business.  This article suggests walking around the city you’re staying in or asking locals about the best places to go.  By doing this you can enjoy yourself a little and maybe even have more to discuss with clients!  Another way to ease one’s travel is to use an expense management system that takes away from the stress of saving and/or digging through receipts!

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