Friday, April 20, 2012

Business Concierge Services Making a Comeback

A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle mentions that an aspect of business travel that has been on the downturn will be seeing an increase in 2012.  The part of business travel discussed is the use of Business Concierge Services.  This industry provides business travelers with the ease of having an outside party deal with the entire process of their travel.  This includes things from running errands, managing appointments and making travel reservations, to even arranging for pet sitting.

Although originally used by mostly celebrities and affluent professionals, the company began to cater their businesses toward private households and corporate employees.  That being said, the company saw slow growth as the economy worsened and people were left with less disposable income.  As the economy continues to improve in 2012, the industry is seeing increased revenue and a brighter future of these services.

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