Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Isolation of Air Travel May be a Thing of the Past

Tired of feeling cut off from the rest of society while flying?  A recent article from MSNCB reassures travelers that this will hopefully be a problem of the past.  Currently only around 80 planes have access to streaming wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE).  The hope is that this number will reach 9,000 aircraft by 2021.  This change would allow passengers to not only enjoy the select wireless content offered by an aircraft, but also would allow passengers to use their own devices to access the Internet and view more content that is stored on their devices.

Currently, the Federal Aviation Association does not permit the use of personal electronic devices on planes during taxing, take-off or landing, due to the possibility that it may interfere with a jet’s avionics systems.  There is a possibility that this will change though as the agency is looking again at the use of personal electronics and how they might be tested for safety.

Some airlines already offer travelers the ability to rent out personal electronic devices that are pre-loaded with movies and/or TV shows and this is a trend that will most likely continue as airlines test this possibility.  The cost of these devices and/or using the Internet for personal devices is yet to be determined.

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