Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Article for Road Warriors Everywhere

Rhymer Rigby of gives us some great insight into the life of the extreme business travelers, spending more time on the road than they do at home

We wish safe travels to all super-commuters during this holiday season!

Friday, December 23, 2011

FedEx Delivery Video Gone Viral

The ability of social media and viral video to instill change is incredible. Here's a couple great videos from recent days that show why: _ and
Let us know about any stories you know of or your thoughts on this one!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Best Tablets for Business Travelers

Although many of our business travelers out there have made the transition into the world of tablets, there are still a number of  individuals relying on their laptops and mobile phones to keep them connected while on-the-go.  Each of the aforementioned products definitely have their benefits, however, Executive Travel Magazine has made their selections for the top tablets in the market today.   Check it out and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TripAdvisor Goes Public

For those of us in the business travel industry, TripAdvisor going public marks a significant step for the company and the tremendous growth that they've experienced over the last 11 years.  Keep your eyes on this these guys as trading for the company begins tomorrow under the symbol TRIP.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

ExpenseAnywhere Featured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Check out the latest article about ExpenseAnywhere via Deborah Todd of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette!

This article gives a great profile on some of the more significant developments that have happened at ExpenseAnywhere over the last six months...Thanks Deborah!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Best of Travel-Related Songs

With the end of the year nearly upon us, we'd like to take a cue from Business Traveler Social (btSocial), and provide you with their on-going list of the best travel-related songs that have been produced over the years.

Hope you enjoy this, and make sure to check btSocial each day for additional songs!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Airline Ticketing Scams on the Rise

For leisure and business travelers alike, that old saying, "when it seems to good to be true, it probably is," definitely applies to this article from Business Travel News (BTN).

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ExpenseAnywhere Announces Mobile Apps for Expense Management

December 7, 2011 –ExpenseAnywhere, a leader in travel & expense management solutions, announced today the release of the ExpenseAnywhere Mobile App, associated with its ExpenseAnywhere solution.

The ExpenseAnywhere Mobile App empowers users to instantly add expense details and capture receipt images from anywhere at any time.  With the ExpenseAnywhere App available for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android, users will never miss submitting another expense or receipt. Now they can capture it, track it, and submit it, all from the convenience of their smart phones.

The ExpenseAnywhere Mobile App enables users of smart phones to:
·         Add Expenses:  Users can enter expense & currency details, vendors and locations, add comments, capture receipt images, and check statuses of their expense reports.
·         Capture Receipts:  With ExpenseAnywhere receipt imaging, users can simply and easily capture and submit receipt images using their phone’s camera. The receipt images are maintained in the user’s inbox within the online system, which can then be attached to the appropriate expense report.  By cutting back on scanning and faxing receipts, the ExpenseAnywhere Mobile App helps to reduce the burden on corporate resources. 
·         Approve Expense Reports:  Designated users are provided with the ability to approve reports quickly, resulting in faster processing of expense claims.
With this new app, registered users of ExpenseAnywhere will be able to download the app free of charge and promptly log-in to their company account to view select expense reporting information.  They’ll enjoy the ability to access and update their expense reports just as quickly as expenses are incurred.  No more waiting to get to the hotel room or arrive back at the office to view expense report information.  Travelers, managers, and approvers will now be able to simply log-in to their smart phone app and access data in real time.

In addition, users can book travel with ExpenseAnywhere’s integrated travel booking solution partner, Orbitz for Business.  Orbitz for Business App users can make changes to their itinerary, check-in via mobile device, and proactively receive notifications regarding their travel reservations; giving integrated customers the most comprehensive mobile solution available.

The release of ExpenseAnywhere’s mobile application marks a significant step for the field of travel and expense management automation - a field that has seen significant growth over the past decade as companies transition from traditionally paper-based expense management systems to fully-automated paperless systems.          

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hotel Rates Continue to Increase Worldwide

Despite positive growth within the business travel industry, hotel rates have continued to climb higher over the last year.  Check out these numbers, and see where the greatest increases have taken place.

What do these numbers suggest about the regions mentioned?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Business Travel Fuels Growth

Despite less than favorable economic conditions throughout Europe, an increase in business travel has aided overall global growth

Monday, November 21, 2011

Orbitz Worldwide to Partner with AOL Travel

After more than a decade of partnership, AOL Travel decided to replace Travelocity as its reservations engine. The company turned its attention to Orbitz Worldwide and signed a multiyear agreement making them the primary travel brand of AOL.
Beginning next year, AOL Travel visitors will see AOL brands published by Orbitz. In addition, they will now be able to book car rentals, hotels, vacation packages, air and cruises through  The partnership will be a harmonious one as the two companies will symbiotically benefit from each other.


Orbitz and AOL partnership

Barney Harford, CEO of Orbitz announced that the editorial content will further give consumers better options and make better decisions for their travel plans.
Furthermore, Harford strongly believed that their “superior customer experience” is what made Orbitz won the business with AOL Travel.  Orbitz also has this various price assurance products wherein they will mail refund checks to consumers if the rate or fare prices drop prior to departure or hotel stays.
AOL Travel has been considered as a one stop shop for travel news, research, purchasing and inspiration from across the globe. To remain on top, they saw the need for them to partner with a top of the class travel booking site.
Jared Smith, general manager of travel for Huffington Post Media Group cited that the “reliability, breadth and quality” of made them the ideal partner for business growth.


Orbitz dominates

Orbitz hasn’t stopped their business venture as they also snatched Travelocity’s deal with American Express. They will now be the private label provider for American Express Consumer Travel site starting mid 2012.
The loss has been considered as one of the biggest for Travelocity. Sam Gilliland, CEO of Sabre which owns Travelocity conceded that the loss of American Express was a great one but that of AOL was something that “didn’t trouble him that much.”

Business Travel Rises in October

Despite economic instability, business travel has continued to rise through October.  How much longer will this trend continue to last?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Travel Questions Answered

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ExpenseAnywhere Releases Budgeting and Auditing Modules as Part of Travel and Expense Management Automation Solution

Giving greater span and depth of control to company auditors and budgeting managers

November 9, 2011 - ExpenseAnywhere announced the release of two new modules for 1) Budgeting and 2) Auditing with its ExpenseAnywhere-Enterprise software for corporate travel and expense management automation. These two modules are designed to empower clients to better control and monitor their corporate spending against pre-set budgets and policies.

The Budgeting Module allows corporate CFO's and cost center managers to easily set and assign travel and expense budgets with varying degrees of granularity across their organization, by employees or expense accounts. Once established, ExpenseAnywhere automatically tracks employee spend, actual vs. budgeted, and keeps employees and cost center managers informed of spending patterns and performances. The ExpenseAnywhere "Expense-O-Meter" keeps employees and their supervisors informed in real-time with automatic notifications to budget directors. The Budgeting module provides a powerful tool for managers to analyze their travel budgets and proactively manage and control their travel-related expenses.

The Auditing Module provides auditors with an enhanced ability to set audits and auditing controls. Auditors can set random audits by employees or organizational hierarchy, select a random percentage of expense reports for audit, trigger an audit on users who frequently submit expense reports that are not in conformance with company policies, etc. The Auditing module provides companies with the ability to seamlessly conform to SOX and other regulatory and company compliances necessary to further mitigate risk and fraud.

As part of a highly intuitive travel and expense management system, ExpenseAnywhere's newest modules are just as easy to use and can help companies realize even greater ROI. New customers will find them as an integrated section of their ExpenseAnywhere solution, while current customers will enjoy how the new modules seamlessly integrate with their current platform and are easily accessed through their usual login.

Giving customers increased span and depth of control with new and broadening modules is part of ExpenseAnywhere's mission to provide the best T&E solution possible.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ExpenseAnywhere Integrates with MapQuest

Offers automated mileage computation and reimbursement 

October 26, 2011 – ExpenseAnywhere announced that it has partnered with MapQuest to offer integrated services for clients to further enhance the accuracy and consistency in mileage reimbursement automation.

ExpenseAnywhere is a global leader in end–to–end automation of travel and expense management processes. By integrating with MapQuest, ExpenseAnywhere users benefit from automatic, real-time computation of the miles traveled using their personal auto and the appropriate corresponding mileage reimbursement based on the company's reimbursement policies. Additionally, ExpenseAnywhere retains the previously entered addresses to facilitate quick selection of repeated travel destinations. The integrated system results in more accurate, faster, and consistent reimbursement while completely eliminating errors and inaccuracies associated with maintaining mileage logs.

"For companies with many employees using personal auto for business activities, the increasing gas prices and higher mileage reimbursement rates add sizeable costs to their business" explains Dipen Shah, CFO at ExpenseAnywhere. "With the integrated MapQuest functionality, ExpenseAnywhere offers clients the ability to easily and equitably rein-in such costs, and positively impact their company's bottom-line."

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Orbitz for Business Adds ExpenseAnywhere to Expense Management Solution Portfolio

New End-to-End Solution Helps Automate, Simplify Expense Management


Sept. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Orbitz for Business, the corporate travel group of Orbitz Worldwide Inc. (NYSE: OWW), today announced that it has added ExpenseAnywhere, a leading provider of powerful and easy-to-use expense automation solutions, to its growing portfolio of expense management and reporting tools. ExpenseAnywhere integrates seamlessly with the Orbitz for Business booking tool and credit card data to give customers a complete, automated end-to-end expense management solution.

According to a recent survey* of travel and expense managers conducted by Business Travel News, the majority (two-thirds) of respondents said their companies have an integrated payment and expense management solution in place.  About a third of those surveyed have an expense management solution that also integrates with their online booking tool.  When asked to prioritize the most important features of an expense management solution, 77 percent cited customizable reporting, followed by receipt imaging (70 percent), auditing automation (60 percent) and online booking tool integration (53 percent).

ExpenseAnywhere provides easy-to-use, robust, web-based solutions that help businesses automate the entire expense management processes from pre-travel authorization to reimbursement for expenses, consistent with corporate policies and business practices.  The solution streamlines the entire process quickly and easily, resulting in further operational efficiencies.
Key ExpenseAnywhere capabilities include:

  • Pre-travel authorization with expense approval management
  • Total integration with back-end ERP systems to eliminate manual data input
  • Total integration with corporate cards, travel cards and personal cards
  • Receipt imaging with Enhanced Automated Receipt Matching Technology to substantially increase the automated audit capability
  • Mobile Apps for Android, iPhone and Blackberry for enhanced user interaction
  • Extensive reporting and online analytics

"The integration of ExpenseAnywhere with the Orbitz for Business booking tool is a natural fit," said Dr. Ashok Dhar, president and CEO, ExpenseAnywhere.  "Our customers appreciate the logical flow of booking travel and managing expenses through an integrated platform utilizing the convenience of single-sign-on.   The tight integration between the two well recognized and user friendly tools simplifies the process of managing travel and expense reporting and those efficiencies radiate through the entire spectrum of the organization from travelers, to travel managers and accounts payable teams," Dr. Dhar added.   "ExpenseAnywhere and Orbitz for Business bring to market significant leadership around complete end-to-end automation of travel and expense management."

"We're excited to work with ExpenseAnywhere to bring an automated, world-class, end-to-end expense management solution to Orbitz for Business customers," said Frank Petito, president, Orbitz for Business.  "A common theme we hear from our travel and expense managers, CFOs and procurement officers is the importance of building expense management tools that integrate across the booking environment, from pre-travel approvals to end of trip reporting and reimbursement.  ExpenseAnywhere delivers all of those capabilities and more, including mobile support for travelers looking to manage more of their expenses from the road."

ExpenseAnywhere integrated solutions are now available to all existing clients and prospective Orbitz for Business customers.  

*Source:  8th Annual Business Travel News Expense Manager Survey

You can also check the story out in the Pittsburgh Business Times at:

Monday, August 22, 2011

ExpenseAnywhere Unveils Enhanced Recognition Technology (OCR) for Receipt Validation

OCR Receipt Validation automatically verifies expense receipts providing even higher ROI with increased operational efficiencies.

August 22, 2011 — In the field of travel and expense management automation, new technology is central to generating increased ROI for client companies. The management and automatic linking of receipts, whether scanned or faxed, to specific expense reports in automated expense management systems has gained significant acceptance as it helps to maintain a paperless environment and further streamline the traditional processes associated with the submission of expense receipts.

ExpenseAnywhere is a company making significant technological advancements in the field of Travel and Expense Management automation. The firm recently introduced Enhanced Recognition Technology, OCR software, as part of their automatic receipt imaging service that takes receipt imaging and verification to an entirely new level. ExpenseAnywhere solution with its OCR functionality now allows auditors, approvers, and users to easily and instantly view the specific receipt associated with each expense item entered into an expense report. No more frustration and countless wasted hours in finding the right receipt from pages and pages of digital receipts that may be attached to an expense report. ExpenseAnywhere solution automatically identifies and validates receipts so the reviewers can speed through their verification process.

ExpenseAnywhere, with its intelligent OCR capability, is the first to offer such distinguishing functionality. It can help companies achieve an even higher–level of accuracy in review and audit of expenses at only a fraction of the cost. This feature alone provides companies with increased ROI and phenomenally improved operational efficiency, resulting in speedier processing of expense claims. Clients utilizing the OCR capability of ExpenseAnywhere solution have claimed upwards of 80% automatic matching of receipts to expense items. ExpenseAnywhere continues to invest in R&D to increase the accuracy of its OCR matching algorithms.

In addition to the new OCR capability, ExpenseAnywhere continues to give their users the ability to quickly upload receipt images directly to their expense reports via fax, e-mail, mobile and scanners. Mobile users also have the distinct ability to capture and upload images of receipts using their camera phone while on the go…perfect for any business traveler.

ExpenseAnywhere OCR is available in all three of the expense management solutions offered by the company (ExpenseAnywhere–Lite, ExpenseAnywhere–Enterprise, and ExpenseAnywhere–Gov) and can be tailored according to each customer's specified requirements.

In addition to newer developments with receipt imaging, ExpenseAnywhere users are now empowered to use mobile apps for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android to enter, submit and approve expense reports. Furthermore, the company has recently introduced two new modules for Budgeting, and Auditing with its ExpenseAnywhere solution — to help customers better control their corporate spend. The Budgeting Module allows CFOs and cost center managers to set and assign expense budgets and monitor expenses against the budget, while the Auditing Module provides auditors with an enhanced ability to set audits and auditing controls for conformity with SOX and other regulatory compliances to further mitigate risk and fraud.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Five Star Quality Care Implements ExpenseAnywhere for Expense Management Automation

August 17, 2011 — ExpenseAnywhere announced that it has recently implemented ExpenseAnywhere-Enterprise solution to automate the travel and expense management at Five Star Quality Care, Inc.

Five Star Quality Care, Inc. is a national healthcare and senior living services provider. They have three major operating divisions: Five Star Senior Living, Five Star Rehabilitation Services, and Five Star Pharmacy Services.

Five Stars Senior Project Manager, Zehra Abid-Wood, explains that "While Five Star had undertaken an expense automation project during the previous year, they were eager to make the switch to ExpenseAnywhere in the interest of improving both user experience and auditing/compliance capability. The responsiveness of ExpenseAnywheres implementation team ensured delivery of their customized solution and rollout occurred smoothly and on schedule."

"We are glad to welcome Five Star Quality Care amongst our growing roster of clients," said Dr. Ashok Dhar, President and CEO of ExpenseAnywhere. Dr Dhar further added, "It is particularly encouraging that after a thorough analysis of various T&E products, Five Star selected ExpenseAnywhere to provide a faster and more comprehensive solution."

ExpenseAnywhere–Enterprise is a cloud-based, robust expense management automation solution providing superior user interface and designed for the entire expense management process. For Five Star Quality Care, the system supports multi–tier approval workflow; expense allocation to appropriate business units; integration and reconciliation of corporate cards, integration with PeopleSoft solution to eliminate data entry and with MapQuest for easy and accurate computation of mileage reimbursement; automated and accurate receipt management; and analytical tools for spend management and control.

ExpenseAnywhere has already provided Five Star with substantial efficiency gains and employee satisfaction evidenced by their positive feedback on both system performance and analytical capabilities.

About Five Star Quality Care
Five Star Senior Living is an operating division that includes more than 200 Independent Living and Assisted Living facilities, Skilled Health Care facilities, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Five Star is headquartered in Newton, MA.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Logan Aluminum Selects ExpenseAnywhere for Automating its Expense Management Processes

June 10, 2011 — ExpenseAnywhere announced that Logan Aluminum Company has recently selected ExpenseAnywhere–Enterprise for automating its corporate expense management processes.

Located in Kentucky, Logan Aluminum is a jointly owned by ARCO Aluminum Inc. and Novelis Corporation and is one of the nation's premier manufacturing facilities for aluminum products. The company specializes in the fabrication of high quality aluminum sheet products for a variety of companies in the automobile, building, and even food industries.

By selecting ExpenseAnywhere cloud application, Logan Aluminum will have the ability to cost–effectively streamline their entire expense management processes tailored to their specific business needs and in accordance with their policies and approval procedures. Integrated with their back–end Oracle Financials, and with built–in expense receipt management and validation, ExpenseAnywhere provides a best–in class best–practice paperless expense management solution that is accessible 24x7 through our hosted service.

ExpenseAnywhere gives business travelers the ability to enter and submit expense reports over the Internet/Intranet, and instantly delivers them to their managers for approval, and then to accounting for audit, payment processing and general ledger posting. ExpenseAnywhere seamlessly integrates with corporate ERP systems, charge card providers so the daily credit card charges can be automatically processed and pre–populated to an expense report, and banking system for direct ACH/EFT payments to employee's bank accounts and their corporate cards. Additional features include: Automated policy enforcement, e–Receipts with automatic matching of receipts to expense items reducing time and manual effort in receipt verification, mobile apps (Blackberry, Iphone, and Android) to empower users to enter on–the–go charges and submit them along with the pictures of the receipts, offline module for offline entry of expenses with automatic data synchronization between the offline–client and the online server, pre–trip authorization, budgeting module to monitor budgeted versus actual expenses; audit module to perform online audits for compliance with SOX 404, and built in analytics for 360 degree analysis of corporate spend.

With ExpenseAnywhere, Logan Aluminum will be able to totally transform their current paper–based expense reporting with the state–of–the–art best practices automated solution and benefit from high degree of employee satisfaction, efficient management of their corporate spend with phenomenal ROI and faster reimbursement.